What does a tiller do?

Sicma Tiller A tiller turns tines in the ground after it is broken up by a plow to help soften the soil to make it easier to plant and work. Without the tiller, farmers would still be working all day, and accomplishing less than half of the work made possible by today's machinery. A rotary tiller connects to the back of a tractor and is powered by the PTO (power take off) shaft, which turns the gear-box and powers the tines through the hardened dirt. The proper tiller/tractor combination is very important, because if the tiller is too weak, the tractor will shear bolts and strip the gears inside the tiller. If the tiller is too big for the tractor, then the tiller won't be able to turn and break up the large clumps of dirt that the plow leaves behind. Tillers are used in vegetable, flower, or any other kind of garden where there is hard dirt to break up.

Where can I get my tiller?

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